The Ten from Kobosil

Berghain’s latest resident is already proving to be a hit with the regulars, in a big way. His DJ sets are gaining recognition for their fearlessness, with the 24-year old German unafraid of dropping the odd surprise now and again. With a new album out We Grow, You Decline out now on Berghain’s in-house imprint Ostgut Ton, DJB reached out to the dark-selector to ask him to pick his ultimate selection, in this week’s The Ten.

Ultrahigh - Revenge Of The Maya Gods
The name and sound fit perfectly together. At 115dB the sirens are definitely the revenge of Gods. You know you have the right booking manager when you hear her playing this tune. I couldn't image working with someone who doesn't understanding electronic music like this.

Organum - Rasa
David Jackman is one of the utmost, interesting leftfield experimental music artists. His cover artworks are always beautifully unsettling, as is his music! His label Aeroplane Records and 7“ series were really inspiring my ideas to create a label.

Marcel Dettmann - Planning
The groove of this track is truly unique and I always wondered how he produces these sounds. I never asked him though, sometimes it's better that these things stay secret.

Kirlian Camera - News
When I played a powerful edit from Ancient Methods of this song at Berghain I really felt that everyone was connected together. It’s just one of these tracks that really captures an emotion.

Somewhen - Kobalt
This is an insane piece of work by a good childhood friend. His output is pure and I’m looking forward to him getting the attention he deserves. 

Phase Fatale - Rot
The records from aufnahme + wiedergabe capture the new generation of EBM sound. Phase Fatale is one of the interesting artists flying the flag for electronic body music.

(Summe) - Objectness
When I first heard the demo tracks from Summe, I sent them straight to the label manager at Ostgut Ton. And that was when the U-TON 07 came out. It makes me happy to see that they are keeping it old school with no social media but still manage to reach such a nice audience. I can’t wait to hear the Summe DJ set at my release party!

Ade Fenton - Perverter Part 3
The phasing and haunting sound of Ade Fenton's track is killer and its one of my all time favorites. Raw and hard. After the paralyzing groove the break brings techno back in its purest way.

Ministry - Hizbollah
I loved the Ministry sound when the band was influenced by EBM music. Tracks like ‘We Believe’ or ‘You Know What You Are’ are so powerful. Also the deliberate provocation of the track title ‘Hizbollah’ for a US band - perfect art.

Helena Hauff - Sworn To Secrecy Part II
There’s so much feel to the inside of this track. I’ve spoken about the variety in techno music during my recent interviews and this track is an example of this. I mix it often in my techno sets - a bit faster - but the message is still there if you hear it on a great sound system.