DJB Podcast.367: Mark van de Maat

Most people know Mark van de Maat for his exquisite taste in music and the work he has been pushing through Knekelhuis. As the owner of the label, he has released music from Pagan Sector, Parrish Smith, Beau Wanzer and De Ambassade. Besides that, their events are known for their forward-thinking line-ups including Minimal Waves' Veronica Vasicka, Delroy Edwards, Phuong Dan, Bill Kouligas and Rabih Beani. Van De Maat made us this special podcast, showcasing his diverse taste in music through a variety of wave, (leftfield) house, reggae, techno and world music. He was also kind enough to answer some of our questions as well.

What have you been up to lately?
2015 was a productive year. Lot’s of stuff happening this year as a result of that. Main focus on the label and hanging on. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix?
I think the main idea is not a prefebricated idea. I just like to mix up all that stuff that keeps me awake at this moment and in the past. There might be some kind of line in structure that I like, fit in only one hour of time. Building up from moody to slo-beat to more uptempo and to change the course when I’m getting used to it. So contrast, smiles and fury in collage of sound. And just good music. 

Back in the days, you were actively involved in the hardcore punk scene by playing in bands, organizing events and doing bookings and tours. Last time we spoke to you, you were still part of the band. How are things going at the moment?
Things are going well. Finally our album is getting released in the coming months, it’s called Black Decades – Hideous Life. We found a great label from Amsterdam who are interested in releasing it. It’s called Toztizok Zoundz and they are supporting the circle of friends and releasing electronica, improvisation, noise and other avant-garde stuff. Our record will kick your ass. Loud music, punk-as-fuck played by grownups.  

As a DJ and collector, we can find you playing wave, electro, house, techno, but also afro, disco and funk. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Sharing thoughts and music with certain music likeminded people. The Internet, as a constantly moving and inexhaustible resource without brake. Digging records on trips to other places. Standing still, creation and going further.  

Together with Parrish Smith you’ve been playing together as Volition Immanent. Is there anything coming up for you this year?
Yes, Contort yourself will put out our track ‘Swarm Behaviour’ on their 4th compilation. Out in February. That one is heavy. The track but also the compilation. Murray is connection the old and the modern contemporary techno. And he’s doing it right!

You’re also part of the Knekelhuis-crew, which just released a new EP by De Ambassade (alias of Dollkraut). What are the future plans of the label?
I am running the Knekelhuis label by myself nowadays. The other guys choose for their own path, to follow their own ambitions. And that’s all just fine, we are still good friends. De Ambassade got quite some positive attention, ranging from people with very different musical taste. I love that! 

Within a few weeks the Dynamite Winter Palace EP will see light. This is a co-release with my friend Otto from Bordello A Parigi. And then there’s the debut EP from Parrish Smith and a compilation from Murray (Contort Yourself boss) with edits from next level 80s cassette tracks from the likes of Die Form and Nocturnal Emissions. 

KWC 92 – (Upcoming L.I.E.S.)
Bear Bones Lay Low – Vestida De Fuego (Ekster)
Actress – Maze (Honest Jon’s)
Aufgang B – Demo 1 [Tolouse Low Trax rmx] (Neubau)
Tolouse Low Trax – Reserves To Talk (Themes For Great Cities)
LVRIN – (upcoming Pinkman Broken Dreams)
Shadow – Let’s Get It Together 
Sneaker – Algerian Rai (Rat Life)
Vactrol Park – Stars Quivering Slowly (ESP Institute)
Savage process – Heart Begins To Beat (10 Records)
Bernardino Femmienelli – Boys’ Trottoir (Upcoming MIND)
Children of Leir – Elixir (Return To Disorder)
Zombies Under Stress – Maan Zal Zijn [Svengalisghost rmx] – (upcoming Contort Yourself)
Unknown Artist – Untitled (Est.83 Records)
Velly Joonas – Stopp, Seisku Aeg! (Frotee)
De Ambassade – Geen Genade (Knekelhuis)

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