The Ten From Sebastian Mullaert

He is Filur, Kooler, Ooze and WaWuWe. He's also a part of Dab Screen, IMPS, Minilogue, Qlap, Son Kite and Trimatic: the Swedish Sebastian Mullaert is a multi-talent par excellence. Before gearing up for a USA mini-tour in February, he'll play live at Tresor in Berlin on Friday January 15. Here are The Ten From Sebastian Mullaert.

KAB - Soul (We manage with love)
Karl-Axel Bissler is the true soul master of dance music. To me, he has always opened his heart into the music. ‘Soul’ is one of the most inspiring tracks I've heard this year - a work of art.

JP Enfant - Dreaming Backwards (Les Enfants Terribles)
Deep, beautiful, melodic techno at its best. I've been playing this track a lot last year. You can also hear it on Ulf's and my live recording from Labyrinth last year, as well as an exclusive edit I've made of the track.

Joey Anderson - Amarna (Dekmantel)
Joey Anderson is pushing borders, showing us that there is room for unexpected adventures in a music genre that mostly sounds like a copycat race. Joey I loooooove your music.

Roman Flügel - Teenage Engineering (Hypercolour)
An amazing artist whom I never met but feel a strong connection to. His EP Teenage Engineering, which came out on the great label Hypercolour, is deep and beautiful - one of last years masterpieces.

Cobblestone Jazz - Northern Lights (It is what it is)
I'm sure everyone knows I'm in love with Mathew [Jonson], who isn't??? The melodies, the funk…dancing with the heart wide open. I'm so happy that Mathew, Danuel [Tate], and Tyger [Dhula] are continuing their Cobblestone Jazz project, one of my all-time favourite groups and some of my favourite live performers. ‘Northern Lights’ is a melodic adventure that sends me back to the Labyrinth festival ten years ago when I heard them play live for the first time.

PST - Magnifik Botanik (Aniara)
Henrik Jonson has been one of my favourite composers and artists since I first heard his music fifteen years ago. At that time it was under the alias Stress Assassin. Since then he has been exploring different musical expressions under the aliases Porn Sword Tobacco [PST], Gunnar Jonsson, and Jonsson/Alter [a duo project with Joel Alter] - always with the magic touch of presence and love. Magenfik Botanik was released on a double EP from the fine Swedish label Aniara. It's an album I appreciate very very much. (The track can also be heard Ulf's and my live recording from the Labyrinth festival last year, combined with a live edit from me).

Dresvn - First Voyage (Honest Jon's)
I've been following Svn's music since I heard his collaboration with Porn Sword Tobacco. This EP on Honest Jon's is a mesmerizing and unique house journey. Honest Jon's is also a great label, releasing a wide range of good music.

Mr Tophat & Art Alfie - Labadie De Lumbricus (Karlovak Chrome)
I met the guys a couple of month ago and only then realised that they were Swedish. I wouldn't have guessed that. This track is a weird, crazy, far-out trip, something I rarely find in slick Swedish productions. What I love about these guys is that they manage to stay soulful and hypnotic throughout all the craziness!

SAN2 - Impartial Perspective (Bobby Donny)
Dirty, funky and absolutely wonderful. Haven't heard much from this group or label, but I'm eagerly waiting for more.

Tyler Friedman - JJ (Kontra-Musik)
Tyler Friedman's music was new to me and it was a wonderful encounter. Thanks Ulf [Eriksson] (label head, Kontra-Musik) for introducing me to this amazing music.

Sebastian Mullaert released 'You're An Orchestra In The Cosmos' on Green Holland late last year.