Stutterheim Sells Studio 80

Talking last year about underground, Amsterdam venue Studio 80, former ID&T co-founder Duncan Stutterheim told DJBroadcast, ”I think it's important to have a club in Amsterdam where you can hear good music for ten euros. No laser shows, just good music, period. Studio 80 has to be a platform for fresh talent. I have the opportunity to support that.”

It is remarkable then that Stutterheim has just sold Studio 80, the club with the most advanced programming in the Netherlands. Studio 80 had slowly but surely, shaken off its predictable tech-house image. The club which was recently refurbished, and had been running barely a month with its new sound system.

Studio 80 was sold by Stutterheim to the owners of the Amsterdam Bloemenbar and Disco Dolly. As of next year, Marlon Arfman and Juri Miralles will be responsible for programming on Rembrandt Square. The latter said on the phone that the sale has come as a surprise. "For us this is a wonderful opportunity, it all went very quickly. On programming, I can not yet say much."