DJB Podcast: Zaltan

Next up in our DJB Podcast-series is Quentin Vandewalle, better known as Zaltan. As head honcho of record label Antinote he has been pushing the music of artists such as Dominique Dumont, D.K., Syracuse, Geena, Leonardo Martelli and Albinos, touching on techno, house, kosmische and more experimental fare. Crate digger and Parisian-based Vandewalle can be seen as a true selector.

Back in the days, Vandewalle launched the label together with Gwen Jamois after they met at a small wine bar named Le Baron Rouge, where Vandewalle's uncle was the owner and Jamois was one of his best customers. The pair got talking about Jamois's younger days living in London during the acid house boom. It was an era in which he dabbled in production and committed dozens of experimental techno tracks to cassette. Vandewalle discovered that this collection included loads of unreleased material and invited Jamois to bring his music to the bar. And that's how Antinote was born. Nowadays, Vandewalle runs the label by himself, releasing timeless music with outstanding artwork made by Nico Motte.

Usually, Vandewalle has a different approach to sets and podcasts, playing mostly old stuff. This time, he made an exception. "I have a lot of unreleased stuff from here and there. I think it's cool to do this instead of old stuff", the artist explains. Below you'll find a full tracklist full of his new bangers as well as some questions answered by the man himself.

You’re known as an obsessive crate digger, how did you start collecting vinyl?
Yes, that used to be the case, but I have treated my condition a bit since. I’m fine now thanks. Now I’m busier with the label and my family. I still e-dig a lot of course, that’s part of my life. I stay on my couch digging out good bargains on the internet. And I still check records when I have free time, but I’m not as hardcore as a few years back when it was my everyday life. I don’t really know what made me start collecting records. I collected CDs, cassettes and vinyl because it was the only media at the time. Digital did not even exists when I was a kid. Then I started to buy more vinyl because it was the main media for dance music and I began to DJ. Then I started to collect more seriously. We used to spend all our time looking for records with Raphael Top Secret, who was my partner in crime for a few years. When he moved to Brussels I started to dig with Vidal Benjamin and Alexis Le Tan who would call me early in the morning to wake me up and go check records. Then I met IUEKE, the master of rare and out of print records.

As Zaltan you put out some mix-cassettes, have you also been producing yourself?
Not at the moment. I did a few tracks and edits back in the days but I can’t manage to do everything. I’m a DJ, I do Antinote and I take care of my family. It’s already a lot. And to be honest, I don't do music in order to put it out, and if I do so, it’s because I feel it deeply.

You’re living in Paris, I’ve heard that the scene over there has been developing a lot lately. What’s your view on this?
Yes, the scene is getting crazy here and it looks like that the crowd just keeps on getting bigger. I played with Ruf Dug a few weeks back. I thought nobody would show up to our gig because the same night Max D was playing in Paris and another party was hosting Hunee and Antal etc. All these guys belong to the same scene and we were of the smallest profile, but our party was a blast anyway. People danced until the end, the club was packed. Crazy. Anyway, yeah, we all feel that something really nice is going on in Paris right now.
Antinote launched in 2012 and had great releases by artists such as Geena, what are the future plans of the label?
Let’s officially announce that the roster is closed. All the artists at Antinote are working hard on new music right now. Soon to be released: a LP from Nico Motte in December, a new Inoue Shirabe 12”, a new D.K. LP, a new Geena 12”, a Stephane laporte 12” plus some one shots here and there. 
How did you select the tracks for this podcast?
They are mainly unreleased tracks as you can see. I played tracks from friends that are coming out in the near future and that, I'm excited about. So basically no music from the past here, only friends and musical acquaintances that follow the same path as me. 

Haydée - We Shot The Sheriff
Unreleased, soon on Antinote
Warren Raww - Japanese Tendencies (unreleased)
Unreleased, soon on Antinote
Gunnar Haslam - Brahmaputra
Alexis Le Fan - Love To Hate
Unreleased Stump Valley
Unreleased, soon on Antinote
Unreleased Pilotwings remix
Shanti Celeste - Strung Up (soon to be out on Future Times)