DJB Sunday Documentary: Peru Boom

As a follow up to our recent article on the story behind Tiger’s Milk Records, we introduce Peru Boom, a documentary by the London-based record label itself, giving you an insider’s guide to tropical bass. The narrative is told by key Peruvian producers and artists -mostly young and unknown- who give us an insight into the ‘crown jewel’ of the South America’s party scene.

The heart and soul of the sound is guided by traditional folk music yet absorbs sounds from Brazil and South Africa while creating a unique rhythm and sound. With further inspiration taken from the streets and their experiences, the end result is a chaotic and vibrant beat that reproduces the ‘sound of the city’ and is nothing less than pure groove. What they aim to do, and are more than successful at doing so, is to make you dance.

Check out to get your hands on Peru Boom.