DJB Sunday Documentary: Utrecht, home of Dutch house

Utrecht is known as the homebase of record label and event organization Slapfunk, while Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! finds place in Amsterdam, delivering quality New York house at every event. DJ Haus – the man behind madcap label Unknown to the Unknown, one half of Trumpet & Badman and formerly UK garage operation Hot City – told us that he’d been booked in Utrecht and been blown away by the region’s underground party scene, so decided to shoot a short documentary in The Netherlands.

“I discovered these guys at ADE,” Haus explained. “I wandered into a Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! party with Samuel Deep and Jeremy Underground playing. I was blown away by the fact that they we playing just 90s house but records I had never heard before, proper digging shit but put together in such a fun way.”

He was heading back to Utrecht to play the 44bass party when he mentioned that, so FACT Magazine decided to come along and see what makes this scene so unique. DJ HAUS spoke to key members of the community (Daan Groeneveld, Samuel Deep, Wouter S, etc.) about the beginning of the parties, what makes them special and where they see themselves in relationship to modern deep house and the music found elsewhere in the Netherlands (it’s worth noting that some of the artists featured are based in Amsterdam at the moment). Note from the FACT-crew: just don’t mention power house.