Pay Money and Press Vinyl. It’s That Easy

A new store based out of Amsterdam is operating a tailored made, vinyl pressing service for anyone wishing to make their own record. At Vinylify, simply give them your music, hand over your cash and boom, you will have your very own unique 10” with artwork.

The start-up, based just around the corner from Vondelpark, is operating with an extremely simple, yet effective business model. They will press your music onto a 10” vinyl, using their cutting machines that ‘date back to the eighties’, built by expert German engineers. Each vinyl contains a maximum of 20 minutes of audio and will cost EUR 50,- and take three to four weeks of manufacturing time. With their online service, simply upload your music and artwork, and then sit back and wait. If you don’t have anything to upload, the company even offers a selection of royalty free tracks that you can pick. “Keep in mind that audio is not limited to music, voice notes are also an option - especially for gifts,” says Vinylify’s Jade Drake, when asked.

Don’t get any big ideas though. Vinylify do not offer bulk pressing services, as their business is tailored to producing unique records. Having launched officially in April this year, the one-off pressing service has produced approximately 1500 records to date. Initially conceived as temporary marketing campaign alongside a well-known beer brand, the company is now looking to expand operations to an international audience. “We also plan to add additional features to the current site in September to make the site more efficient and enhance the overall customer experience, so people can really have fun creating their vinyl records with us,” adds Drake. There will also be further options to partner with label and artists to produce their own vinyl store and white label products.

The service is great for those who want a one-off, custom-made product or gift. With a large range of new tailor-made, vinyl manufacturing services coming onto the market (including QRates and Super Specific Vinyl on Demand), Vinylify is clearly leading the pack with an established model and service already servicing the public. Although EUR 50,- may be a bit steep for some, the opportunity to have your work in a tangible format can be too irresistible for those who might never get the opportunity to have their records pressed. And if you don’t have anything to play it on, well Kontor is now offering a way around this.