AYBEE’s New Film: A Gift to Berlin

Deepblak’s AYBEE, aka. Armon Bazile has always been pushing boundaries. His live sets are a cosmic, jam of outlandish house-jazz, while his records have further explored differing notions of introspective avant-garde deepness. So it makes sense that his latest project is a multi-media offering; a silent movie, with a score this is provided live. This is AYBEE’s The Gift.

Set in Berlin, and featuring cameos from Dave Aju, Levon Vincent and Fred P, the film follows a mysterious little record radio, as it journeys its way around the city. Made in collaboration with Berlin based photographer Marie Staggat, The Gift has already been performed in Washington DC and at OHM Club, Berlin. For those of you who didn’t get the opportunity to catch these shows, the film has been lovingly put online for all to watch.