DJB Sunday Documentary: Joy Orbison

Dekmantel and Warsteiner present the latest episode in the Sole Selectors series, starring contemporary tastemaker in electronic music: Joy Orbison. In the run-up to the Selectors stage at Dekmantel Festival 2015, the festival crew created two short documentaries. The Sole Selectors series tells the stories of DJs playing at Dekmantel Festival, along with their passion for music.

Scoring a monster hit with Hyph Mngo, Joy Orbison never compromised on putting out music and playing shows as a DJ. The documentary sheds light on the influence of his uncle Ray Keith (jungle DJ), his cousin being an incredible inspiration and his girlfriend supporting him through his career, making him more comfortable and less nervous as a DJ. Orbison talks about the first record shop his dad took him to. The basement, where people would play music, smoke and hang around,  made him blown away by music culture as a young kid. "It was like a meeting point; all big guys, big cars, big jewelry. It was a place to hang out as well; to socialize and buy music, but all of that is gone now."

Joy O. has become a Dekmantel regular throughout the years. Orbison: “I met the Dekmantel guys in 2010 when I played a very small show with them, and I just instantly got on with them. They understood what I wanted to do, and be, and I think at that time there was a lot of people who didn’t.” At Dekmantel Festival 2015, Joy Orbison will continue the story at the Selectors stage where he will play a two-hour closing set Friday the 31st.