‘Record Stores’ - A New Book Documenting The Best Record Stores Worldwide

Bernd Jonkmanns has been documenting the inner sanctums of record stores from across the globe since 2009. From obscure locations in Japan through to some of the more quirky stores throughout Europe, Jonkmanns has been depicting the love and passion for vinyl across 35 cities, in five different continents. The results of which are to be published in his new book ‘Record Stores’ to be released later this year, of which DJBroadcast is proud to be hosting certain select images.

‘Record Stores’ will include over five hundred colour photographs across 384 pages, all in a similar size to that of a 10” record. The costs of such an ambitious project have been exceedingly high, which is why Jonkmanns turned to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in order to help him meet the financial requirements.

Even though the desired amount has already been met, you can still go and contribute to the project here. For everyone else, you can expect ‘Record Stores’ to be available from your favourite record stores in September later this year.