Gallery: 313ONELOVE

Marie Staggat is a Berlin based photographer steeped in experience within the fashion, art and music scene. Currently she’s putting together the final pieces to her new book 313ONELOVE, a portrait series focussing on the leading figures within Detroit’s electronic music community. The book, due for release March 2016, is styled in her characteristic, fine-detailed black and white imagery, featuring over 160 artists including Chez Damier, DJ Godfather, Juan Atkins and more. Designed as an homage to the city and its musical heritage, the book will aim to function as a charity project to support children who ‘share the same photographer’s passion and love for music.’

From this Friday onwards, Berlin’s Bass Cadet Recordstore will be showcasing a series of her works, from 17h onwards. In the meantime DJBroadcast has been given an exclusive preview of the book’s best images, which you can see below.

More info regarding the exhibition can be found here.