One to One with Nick Höppner and Palms Trax

With Nick Höppner’s new LP Folk recently released on Ostgut Ton, DJBroadcast was very privileged to get film time with the esteemed DJ and producer for our latest production, One to One. Earlier this year we put together upcoming Dekmantel producer Palms Trax with the Ostgut legend, and challenged them to connect through their shared love of vinyl. In our second film of 2015, shot in Nick Höppner’s apartment, we set Palms Trax to dig through Höppner’s extensive record collection, and select his favourite tracks.

The two DJs, from different backgrounds and generations, got to know each other better through their shared love of Neil Young and classic techno and house records. Watch on to discover which records the two DJs have shared histories with, and which of Höppner's records appealed to the Palms Trax the most.