DJB Sunday Documentary: Lisbon Vinyl Culture

Those who've been paying attention will know that Lisbon has been on the up lately. It's musical identity is steeped in its cultural diversity as a result of its colonial history. Centuries of rhythms and dance and music from Brazil, Africa, India and East Asia have found a second home in Lisbon. Music from all Portuguese speaking countries around the world can be found in every corner of Lisbon’s narrow streets and flea markets. The Vinyl Factory decided to delve into the their vinyl culture, while digging in the sunny capital of Portugal. 

For their latest film, Rita Maia navigates their mostly unknown vinyl scene. Rita invited some friends, respected collectors and DJs to go record shopping and to help tell the city’s story. Visiting markets and hidden record shops, the short documentary explores Lisbon’s unique collection of records from Cape Verde, Mozambique, Guine Bissau, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Brazil.