Tales from the Underground: Henning Baer

Henning Baer has grown to become a cult figure within the global techno circuit. Having established the Grounded Theory events in Berlin, the German producer went on to set up the K209 imprint alongside fellow cohort Milton Bradley. Grounded Theory is now a global events brand and booking agency, Baer himself, an in demand techno-star. In the first on our online documentaries in 2015, DJBroadcast tells the story of Baer’s rise to success, through the context of his neue heimat - Berlin.

Tales from the Underground documents Baer’s chronology through one of Berlin’s most iconic focal points, the UBahn. As an integral part of the city’s present day story and history, the UBahn has connected people from all across the city for over a century, whether taking people to work, or to their favourite nightspots.

Join us as we follow Henning Baer across Berlin, as he details his relationship with Berlin, from where he first lived, to the clubs he’s played in looking towards a new and exciting future.

Track credits:

Henning Baer – Europiem (Sonic Groove)
Henning Baer – Folsom (Sonic Groove)
Henning Baer – Gemini (TANSTAAFL)
Henning Baer – CER (Sonic Groove)