Sunday Documentary: The Footwork Scene

Film and photography duo Tim and Barry produce lots of live music videos. Their YouTube channel, Don’t Watch That, is full of jams, beat- making tutorials, interviews with producers and interesting documentaries. 

In spring 2012 the duo went to Chicago to make a documentary about the footwork scene, which consists of extremely dedicated and talented dancers, storytellers and beat makers. Tim and Barry say that making this documentary was the most unique and in-depth journey they had ever experienced. It's not hard to believe that. The documentary contains never before-seen footage of great dance moves and interesting in-depth interviews with producers and so called “foot-workers.”

A team of protagonists from the scene, including the late DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn and Traxman, navigated the duo through ‘the windy city.’ They slept on floors, sofas and in dodgy motels, and after their trip it took them a long time to complete the painstakingly precise documentary. Their huge effort is clearly seen in the resultant movie, which is now online through their YouTube channel.