10 Of Europe's Best Kept Secret Festivals

It's the time of the year that we've all literally been waiting for. Summer has arrived and this means the festival season is on. DJB has put together for you a small list of the 10 best-kept secret festivals around Europe that you may not heard about. Bored of large, generic festivals with warm beer alongside the average cut-and-paste line ups? Well we’ve curated the ultimate selection for you, from Freerotation to Meadows in the Mountain. Leave the crowd behind and get to know the events everyone else is talking about.

1. Meadows in the Mountains
Bulgaria (June 13-15)
Meadows in the Mountains' website says a lot about how the festival is going to be; “trippy, out of this world and unique.” Taking place in the beautiful landscapes of Bulgaria, not only do they believe in recreating the true sense of community that festivals usually represent but also in bringing back Bulgaria's hidden history. Let the adventure begin!

2. Plötzlich Am Meer
Poland (August 29-31)
Meadow, forest, beach and sea? Check. A perfect dream come true after the not so warm winter. Located by Poland's seaside, this festival is like a Disney underwater community with an incredible Berlin underground lineup.

3. Fusion Festival
Neustrelitz, Germany (June 26-29)
'Fusion seeks to create a wondrous parallel society far away from everyday life' it claims on their website. It also states to the contrary, this is impossible in reality. But hey, at least they're trying!

4. Flow Festival
Helsinki (August 8-10)

This festival is convenient for festival lovers who prefer not to be completely excluded from the world, with the venue a short walk away from the centre of Helsinki. Packages are tailored to different tastes and seem to be pretty affordable (for Scandinavian prices.)

5. Field Maneuvers
London (August 29-31)
Hidden in a riverside location 60 minutes outside of London, this festival offers a variety of unique stages and a sweet lineup including one of the Freerotation's residents, Move D. Offering a diverse selection of music from electronic music to soul, this worth checking out.

6. Wilde Möhre Festival
TBA, 100km from Berlin (August 8-10)
To them, a festival is not only about listening to and enjoying the music but also about a seeing and feeling experience throughout the whole ride. Mixing music and art is their specialty.

7. Helene Beach Festival
Frankfurt (July 24-27)
Four summer days in Frankfurt under the sun, in between the sand and close to a knockout lineup, is totally our idea of an Urlaubsfestival. All you need is your camping gear, friends and positive energy.

8. Freerotation Festival
Wales (July 11-13)
Freerotation Festival is one of the coolest festivals EVER. The annual event which takes place at Baskerville Hall in Wales, has a small but extremely loyal audience. Being a member festival is what makes it attractive. Only members can invite 1 person per year, and the rest is done by a lottery. At Freerotation they keep it as 50% male 50% female, a great way to connect. Not to mention the incredible lineup with residents like Move D, Ben UFO, Shackleton and many more.
More info here.

9. Secret Island Nation Festival
Ulsholmen Island, Sweden (August 7-10)
Step out of your comfort zone and onto an extremely beautiful Swedish Island. Join the utopian micro-state 'Sweutschland' for a 4-day Berlin-style techno party and be sure to buy your tickets, or may I say your passports, as soon as possible as they have are limited to 450 citizens.

10. GottWood Festival
Anglesey, Wales (June 19-22)

Here's a festival in the middle of nowhere with no sponsors and no corporations, just a great time getting lost in the woods. The festival claims that it's the jewel in the festival summer calendar, celebrating some of the most diverse sounds of underground electronic music and let's not forget their pretty insane lineup.