Top 10 Electronic Music Podcasts For Dance Music Lovers

The golden age of radio is probably over, but this is where podcasts have taken over. With so much music out there one can get easily lost. Anyone can use a hand or music guide, be it a curator, radio show host or DJ. Following the trend of radios sharing their individual shows online, purely online-based podcasts using platforms like Soundcloud, Mixcloud or Syndicast have proliferated in the past few years with even magazines and labels starting their own podcast series. DJBroadcast chose ten podcasts that stand out due to their popularity, music scope and uniqueness; ones that stand out from the obvious choices, for you to spend more of your free time checking out.

1. CLR
Aside from everything else, Chris Liebing's label -Create Learn Realize- also run a regular podcast series. On the CLR website, you can find over 300 podcasts, many are made by in-house CLR members, as well as artists whose music has been released on the label. It's not such a surprise then that the podcasts feature all kinds of techno. Proper podcasts for all techno lovers. 

2. Beats in Space
Legendary radioshow and now also a record label, Beats In Space is the only true podcast in its original sense. Providing various kinds of American independent and club music for the last 15 years, host Tim Sweeney created New York's finest underground music show that is praised not only by its listeners but also by artists themselves. Together with DJing and releasing music from local artists, Tim Sweeney's activities are said to be influential within the scene and the whole country. If you want to know more, watch a new documentary about Beats In Space by FACT Magazine featuring Ben UFO, Joy Orbison and more. If you're just interested in the music, you can subscribe to the podcasts or download them for free with iTunes.

3. DOODcast
DOODcast is an 'International psychedelic music podcast' based out of East London. The peculiar series is put together by local Dalston-ite, DJ Fitz along with Bible Mike and McAndrews, with occasional guests (including Brad Truax and Animal Collective). The concept of each episode is outlined in the name and a one-sentence-introduction. One previous episode was listed as, 'From Tanki-Tanki to Rampi-Rampi, fuelled on the finest bruschetta we jump in the fire of Rio de J'stoke Newington, as our sly family of space cowboys slip through the darkness and discuss their dreams of adoption.' Prepare for everything – Dutch jams from the 70s, reggae, Palaysian or Portuguese music, Bob Dylan. You can get all the podcast episodes via iTunes or download them directly from the website.

4. Electronic Explorations
For Rob Booth, the founder of the Electronic Explorations label and podcast series, the word 'explore' is not a void term. Produced by Booth himself or by artists like Akkord, Objekt, Scuba or Dadub, the podcasts specialise in techno, UK Bass, industrial and dark or melancholic experimental music. They are also accompanied by short texts as well as tracklists for all of us who don't own Shazam. With over 350 in total, there are podcasts for everyone, and soon there will be an episode for each day of the year.

5. Melbourne Deepcast
Evidently from the name, this podcast series is based in one of Australia's biggest cities and focuses on the deep form of dance music provided by internationally well-known DJs. You can find classic house, acid, techno, and occasionally jazz, ambient, latin or hip-hop in the mixes. The episodes are also endowed with interviews, where the artists often share the process of making the podcast along with some news regarding events or releases. The episodes can be downloaded for free from iTunes or from their website, which they recently upgraded with a clean, user friendly design.

6. Invite's Choice Podcasts
Dutch Producer and DJ Invite, has been involved in the dance music scene for 17 years, firmly integrating himself within the local collective. In 2011, he also started Invite’s Choice, a weekly podcast show where he invites artists to 'think 100% out of the box and record a set without any musical limitations'. Nevertheless, the sound of most of the podcasts lives within the borders of thick techno and is provided mainly by both Dutch locals as well as some international DJs. All the podcasts are available on Invite's official Soundcloud page.

7. Seek Sick Sound
Seek Sick Sound is a French online magazine publishing articles about electronic music, organising events in Bordeaux and running this podcasts series. These are the kind of podcasts which, when they pop up in your Soundcloud stream, make you pause whatever you're doing to check what's currently playing. Regardless of the style, this platform invites international artists to provide interesting podcasts with a wide spectrum of electronic music - house, techno, noise, industrial, experimental, ambient, dubstep.

8. Smoke Machine
Launched in 2009, Smoke Machine is a platform representing the contemporary techno, art and club scene in Taipei. Apart from booking artists for their Organik events, they also started making podcasts, which became quickly established amongst the online community. Mixed by famous techno artists including Varg, Kobosil, Gunnar Haslam and Rødhåd, the podcasts are available from their website as well as their Soundcloud page.

9. ABC Music Podcasts
ABC, which stands for A Beautiful Collection of Music, is another Dutch podcast series. The podcasts are published on a monthly basis and unlike other series, they aren't made by guest DJs, but directly by the ABC Music collective. You can hear that the 'dub' music, as they call it, was chosen with love and care. For checking ABC's music taste, you can also look at their monthly charts of favourite music.

10. Modyfier

 is an artistic platform founded by illustrator, landscape architect and music enthusiast Rayna DeNiord. Modyfier's motto is 'art as energy, not an artifact' and it offers over 350 thoroughly created creative eclectic podcasts. Each one features a description of the idea behind the podcast or the process or inspiration for its creation, usually written by the individual author. Not limited by time or genre, some of the mixes exceed three hours, other ones are not even 45 minutes long. Each one is different, but thanks to the intro text, tracklist and a picture, you can get an idea of what the podcast sounds like before listening.