DJBroadcast Podcast

DJBroadcast Podcast

DJBroadcast’s weekly podcast mixes really do put the broadcast into DJBroadcast. Updated every Tuesday with the latest from the scene’s most talented, brilliant and unique DJs, we will deliver to you some of best in contemporary house, techno and everything else that falls in-between.

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DJB Podcast

DJB Podcast<br />Voyeur

Voyeur are quickly becoming recognized as one of the leading house acts from the UK. Check out this exclusive podcast featuring Kerri Chandler

DJB Podcast

DJB Podcast<br />Logos

UK grime producer Logos treats us to a special mini-mix, of some bass heavy, chest rattling, two-step

DJB Podcast
Monty Luke

DJB Podcast<br />Monty Luke

Detroiter Monty Luke brings the future vibes to DJBroadcast on this week's podcast

DJB Podcast
Julien Mier

DJB Podcast<br />Julien Mier

Rising dutch beat maker puts together a mix tape featuring Flying Lotus, Four Tet and more

DJB Podcast

DJB Podcast<br />Erika

Detroit producer Erika Sherman takes time away from her live productions to deliver a techno fueled podcast

DJB Podcast

DJB Podcast<br />Spatial

Spatial joins the dots between drone, house, techno and trap in this week's podcast