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Inside/Out: Anton Pieete

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Inside/Out: Anton Pieete

Dutch techno star Anton Pieete is a mixed bag of allsorts, his DJ sets are as eclectic (as eclectic one can go as a techno DJ) as his productions. He’s also a rising star in the Dutch community; he may be no Armin van Buuren but with his new record Loner released this week on Rejected, his pop-like aesthetics are shining through his desire to entertain through his music.

We could think of no better artist to turn to our for our Inside/Out feature, in which we dig out some of Anton’s secret DJ tricks, some of his more embarrassing selections, and ask him, what records does he play when his mother comes over for coffee?

What is currently the first record of your DJ set?
It depends a lot where I play and who is playing before me, but now I go for Marco Effe - Rawside (Seph Remix.) It's a very groovy beat with warm and smooth chords that give an uplifting feeling; a perfect vibe to start your set with.

Which record you prefer to turn on a lazy Sunday?
Chet Baker – Summertime, very easygoing and relaxed.

Which record do you turn to get the attention back when you see the dance floor drain?
Probably something totally different then what I played to get in that situation, like Henny Huisman - Met zn allen.

Which track keeps coming back into your sets (or you just can't get rid of?)
That must be this classic, James Holden - A break in the clouds.

I just love that beat and it sounds so good on the dancefloor. I dont play it all the time because it has a very long and intense break, but if the time is right, I just drop it.

Which track have you seen your colleagues overlook, but is in your sets?
Robert Hood - Stereotype 2, the most insane groove I have ever heard. I never heard someone play it, and people always ask me what it is.

What is your favorite non-electronic record?
By far the most difficult question in my life, but I will go for Karate – Unsolved. They are the most underrated band in the world and broke up four or five years ago and I never got to see them live, but I still listen to them almost every day.

Which record is unmixable, but you still include it in your sets?
DJ Sneak - Salsa Elektrika. It's very mixable, but I always forget that there is not really enough bass in this track.

What music you put on when your parents come over for coffee?
Anything of the Beatles, they love it.

What music do you put on when your girlfriend comes over for coffee?
Chris Rea - Driving home for Christmas, no matter what time of year it is.

Instead of coffee take some red wine and love is in the air for sure!

What is the most unorthodox track you use to blow up the dance floor?
Monty Luke - Through the Galxies (Lucy Remix.) Very heavy and dark track, but has a really strong groove.

What is current last record of your DJ set?
Wax - 40004 B. Amazing track with a very powerfull beat that works all the time.