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Josh Eustis on Nine Inch Nails: In This Together

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Josh Eustis on Nine Inch Nails: In This Together

Trent Reznor’s industrial legion of metal technocrats return to the fold yet again this month with their 9th long player, Hesitation Marks. Trent’s mastery of the studio has won plaudits across many in the music sphere and his ever- evolving use of electronics is well documented and easily heard throughout the new record. With a new line-up for the current global tour, including Telefon Tel Aviv’s Josh Eustis, DJB decided to review Nine Inch Nail’s legacy and influence on the electronic music scene, whilst managing to grab a few words with Eustis in-between his current touring schedule.

Originally working as a nighttime toilet cleaner and handyman at Right Track Studio, Trent Rezor was able to use the facilities during the night to begin production work on his Nine Inch Nails project. Prior to the release of the band’s seminal debut Pretty Hate Machine, the act released first single Down In It featuring remixes by dub music specialist, Adrian Sherwood and versatile session drummer, Keith Le Blanc, both of whom contributed to the album’s production.

“I met Trent very randomly
at a bar when I was
still in high

The LP was eagerly adopted by the metal and goth community due to it’s darker motives and aesthetics, but it’s refined music production techniques helped expand the audience’s reach into further markets. Following the act’s sophomore offering, The Downward Spiral, the band started to experiment with a follow up remix and reinterpretation EP, Further Down The Spiral, which included a new Aphex Twin track, At The Heart of It All.  Aphex, was adamant his contribution was not a remix  and was quoted as saying, "I never heard the originals, I still haven't. I don't want to either, or my remixes for that matter."

     - Aphex Twin’s At the Heart of it All

It was on Reznor’s fourth album, The Fragile that the project’s sound came closest to resembling electronic experimentalism, with it’s rich array of electronic beats, ambient noise, and heavy guitars. It was on the follow up EP, Things Falling Apart that Telefon’s Tel Aviv’s Josh Eustis became involved with the set-up, producing several of the records reinterpreted tracks.

“I met Trent very randomly at a bar when I was still in high school,” Eustis explains, “there was a bar that would let us drink for one reason or another at that time and he happened to be there one night. We kept in touch on and off over the years, and we wound up reconnecting five years later when I finished college, when Charlie Cooper and I were at Nothing studios in New Orleans for a little bit, doing remixes for Things Falling Apart.”

     - Even Deeper Telefon Tel Aviv Dub

Eustis formed Telefon Tel Aviv with Cooper back in 1999. The spacey, electronic duo released primarily on Berlin’s BPitch Control label un until Cooper’s accidental death in 2009. Having joined the touring line up for Nine Inch Nails earlier this year, Eustis claims that he is still “working on new projects under different names, and slowly collating music for Telefon Tel Aviv.”